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company news about Lithium battery is too expensive, sodium ion battery is expected to replace

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Company News
Lithium battery is too expensive, sodium ion battery is expected to replace
Latest company news about Lithium battery is too expensive, sodium ion battery is expected to replace

Compared with lithium ion battery, sodium ion battery has good low-temperature performance, is suitable for fast charging, and is safe and stable. The most important thing is that the cost of sodium battery is low.


Statistics show that the abundance of lithium, cobalt and nickel required for lithium-ion batteries in the crust is only 17 ppm (one millionth), 30 ppm and 90 ppm; In contrast, the raw materials needed for sodium ion batteries are easier to obtain.


A new energy analyst told the reporter that compared with lithium batteries, sodium ion batteries have the advantage of more sources of sodium and lower cost than lithium batteries; At present, it is more suitable for small electric vehicles with low speed and a range of about 200 kilometers, as well as some two wheeled vehicles, to replace or supplement the current gap of lithium batteries to a certain extent.


At the same time, the analyst said that although sodium ion batteries have many advantages, they still have shortcomings such as low energy density and short cycle life, and many technical difficulties still need to be overcome.


In addition, at present, the production cost of sodium ion battery is high, and the time point for full industrialization and large-scale production has not yet come. After the promotion in small batches and the industrial chain is gradually mature, the performance price ratio of sodium ion battery can be highlighted.


In this regard, Some Securities also said that the broad application space of sodium ion batteries may be opened in 2023, and the leading positive electrode enterprises have the first mover advantage. From the perspective of the types of enterprises that layout cathode materials, sodium electricity start-ups and traditional lithium electricity enterprises with leading technology layout and rich experience in planning and production are accelerating the development and industrialization of cathode materials for sodium ion batteries.

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